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Best Outdoor Locations Prewedding in Semarang


Standing two solid rock under the sky Semarang, look artistic and inadvertently formed which was originally a hill is now a project area of ​​excavation. Excavation projects that have more than 10 years of a sand quarry, landfill ground up rocks. Prior to forming the cliff like the Grand Canyon in the United States, were formerly occupied the hill, which every day is taken material until eventually forming a cliff texture is unique, so no doubt if the place is used as a preferred location for a shoot, one of photo shoot Prewedding. For those of you who want to capture Prewedding in this place, it would be nice shooting is done in the morning or late in the evening, at a time when it was the sunlight will make the photographs became more dramatic. Spot is most often used as a photo location Prewedding are two towering hills. To reach this location is not too far from the city of Semarang, which is located 2km south side TVRI Central Java- Pucang Gading Mranggen, costs incurred to shoot here is not too relatively expensive, ranging 50-100 thousands rupiah for a security deposit for the workers who are at the mine site , now one more tips for friends who have Prewedding here, usually during the rainy season, these cliffs turned into Green Canyon, because overgrown with grass and moss, so for those of you who wish cliff is still brown please come in the dry season, but if you want no green elements in your photo, please come during the rainy season, its your choice dude ..

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PURI Maerokoco

For those of you who love the Indonesian culture, especially the culture of Central Java province, and you want to immortalize Prewedding with the concept of traditional and casual use of background scenery houses of culture in Central Java, to miniature temples are located in Central Java, you no need to surround central java that will take time, effort, and cost, you simply come to Puri Maerokoco PRPP Semarang region located within approximately 5km from the city center of Semarang. Taman Mini Central Java is open from 8:00 to 6:00 p.m. at the entrance ticket 10 thousands rupiah, not cheap enough, but if we want to capture Prewedding there, at least not to give money to the local guards, for a great time there are photos mornings and afternoons

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The location is above the mountain Ungaran providing views cool in every morning of her, let alone capture the moment Prewedding housed in Umbul Sido Mukti Bandungan, will provide the color of romance on the hill, with the fog still blanketed the city Bandungan from above, and yellow colors of sun completes the beautiful scenery which is in the hills of this, for those of you who want to visit this place for shooting prewedding need to spend a little more money, due to licensing to shoot prewedding there is an administrative fee of 300 to 500 thousands rupiah, the administrative costs are the result of prewedding photo you guaranteed to look beautiful because it is supported by a background of beautiful mountain scenery. for a nice photo shoot that morning before sunrise to sunrise about 10 hours, the time it avoided the afternoon, because avoid if it rains.

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Spa and Resort is located in the leading Bandungan Central Java, Semarang is located at an altitude of 1100m above sea level in the hills of Mount Ungaran. There are interesting buildings in this place, the chapel background views of the hills Ungaran, not only the chapel, here there are a wide variety of photo spot Prewedding nice, a combination view from the top Bandungan with buildings minimalist in Susan Spa will provide interesting composition for the photographer, but here simply spend enough, that there shooting license fees amounting to 2 million, but it all paid off with a spot many exotic and elegant spot for those of you who want glamor theme. To the right time the photo here, is morning or afternoon

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SUSAN SPA : Lokasi Pre Wedding Outdoor Terbaik Di Semarang



Is one of the oldest cities located in the northern city of Semarang, Central Java, this is a visualization of the city serving the architectural splendor of Europe in the past, for those of you whose theme vintage and glamor in the concept Prewedding you, very suitable to choose this place as a major destination of shooting , including the Church of Elephant Blenduk, Marba Building, cafes, alleys, tree houses, the streets on the way around the old city, could be in eksplore for the photographer to determine the angle and composition of buildings and architecture Area of ​​the old town, there is no charges in the shooting preweddig in this place, to shoot a good time at this place is in the morning and afternoon, because if the daytime, the sun scorching semarang will make you less comfortable when doing the photo shoot.

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Housing is located not far from Jatibarang Reservoir is giving treats sights of interest, ranging from Sumbing and Sindoro Mount, up Mount Ungaran look of this place, there is a lake BSB being spot favorite for couples to capture the moment Prewedding her, besides there are landmarks monument city ​​BSB can also be used as a background photo shoot prewedding, residential beautiful with shady trees, as well as European architecture can be used as the composition of interest in the shooting prewedding, just how a photographer explore and determine the composition of interest in housing the so-called satellite cities, the cost for shooting here is not too expensive, around approximately 150 thousands rupiah. While the right time for the photo here is morning or afternoon.

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Container terminal (PORT OF TANJUNG MAS)

For those of you who want to promote the concept of casual at the moment pre wedding you, the container terminal could be one of the destinations of shooting with the theme of casual, because the Container Terminal located at the Port of Tanjung Mas, consists of a wide range of contrasting color bright, such as red, blue , green, and yellow, this will give the impression of happiness in a moment Prewedding concept of casual, but do not worry, if you have prepared a concept that uses suits for men and dresses for her, and wants the container as background of his photos, this can packed with elements of Black and White, with a theme of BW, and the breadth of the sky in the seaside city of semarang will spread widely in your Prewedding moment, for the cost of shooting in this location should do the licensing beforehand and spend 250-300 thousands rupiah, and for the time of shooting , it is advisable not during the day, because the weather at the seaside Semarang much hotter than in Semarang her.

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For those of you who live in the city of Semarang, and wanted to capture the moment prewedding outside the city of Semarang, with a natural feel attractive, but not too far and low budget, Mangrove Park Morosari is the closest option of Semarang, the park is located in the Bedono village, Sayung District Demak regency. Here you can choose a variety of interesting spots for your Prewedding, ranging from mangrove forest along with small boats, ranging from photos of the ship, until the mangrove forest along over bridges that have been built by the government for the conservation of the mangrove forest. Or just on the edge of the river with the backdrop of the river and mangroves are lush and shady and spacious also as a reference the shooting Prewedding, but if you came to this place do not be surprised if you see or come across wildlife such as herons to proboscis monkeys, because supposedly said this area is former township which sank due to abrasion. For the cost of licensing the shooting Prewedding in this place approximately 300 thousands rupiah to the cost of renting a boat, parking vehicles, and buy snacks of course, and the time is suitable for shooting that morning and evening, so if you live out of Semarang, before sunrise, you must had gone to this location.

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