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Best Indoor Locations Prewedding in Yogyakarta


Coffe shop located in Jalan Tugu Mangkubumi precisely in the south of Yogyakarta, a coffe shop newcomer in this student city. With the concept of a minimalist interior and slightly vintage through property at present, roaster and bear can be the best option to do a photo prewedding indoor, many spots that can be explored, at the coffee shop and restaurant located on the second floor, starting from the bottom floor in vintage designs with properties that were presented, as well as the lighting of window glass that is packaged by a black frame make your prewedding colored shades of modern architecture. If we go to the second floor, there are two spots that can be reached, which is on the side of the indoor and outdoor, on the floor is not separated from the main concept of the restaurant located in the lobby Harper Hotel Yogyakarta, namely the windshield glass modern minimalist who makes the morning sunlight get into the room.


Private shooting process because before the café is open
Many spots that can be explored
There is a dressing room
AC room
There are food and beverage

Licensing fees are quite expensive
Licensing fees Photos

- + Rp 250,000 / 3 hours starting from 9:00 to 12:00 pm
Extra hour 100,000 / hour

IMG 0172 Copy : Best Indoor Prewedding Locations In Yogyakarta
IMG 0240 : Best Indoor Prewedding Locations In Yogyakarta

Tickels CAFE

Café and Resto is the concept of the United Kingdom this is a good choice to do a photo session prewedding indoor, with shades of Culture England, where it presents the property of interest ranging from ornaments vintage furniture and glamor, as well as the signature style of the English in every corner of the room this, ranging from flags, posters of the beatles, until sofa with the English flag is also available here, for those of you who want to create a feel of glamor to your prewedding photo, the place is an attractive choice. In addition, it also will give a live romantic side in you prewedding photos in various corners of the room this resto. Not only indoor offered this café, but in outdoor is also very interesting to do photosesion, because the building is adapted from European architecture.


Private shooting process because before the café opened
many spots
AC room
There is a changing room
Include eating and drinking for 2 people

Licensing fees Relatively expensive
Licensing fees Photos

Rp 500.000

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IMG 1656 : Best Indoor Prewedding Locations In Yogyakarta


Unique inn is not located in the city of Paris, but in the city of Yogyakarta, an extension of paris itself that is Parang Tritis, because the house is located on the road paritis km 8.5, Tembi, Sewon Bantul Yogyakarta. Paris house bed & breakfast is a home that is quite unique, like a Vintage European home, the house is decorated with neat and cute like a Barbie house. For those of you who want prewedding in this house, you can carry the theme that is more casual, with a vintage property and the interior of the house like the house of Barbie, prewedding in paris house will give you the feel of Europe on your photo. In addition to the indoor, at the rear of the house paris is also a pretty garden to be used as another spot on your prewedding shooting.


Private shooting process for the rental of the house
AC room
There is a changing room
indoor outdoor

The rental fee is relatively expensive
The cost of rental homes

Rp 750.000 / 3 hour

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IMG 9866aaa : Best Indoor Prewedding Locations In Yogyakarta

Tembi Cultural House

If you express your love to the Javanese culture through a prewedding concept, this is the place, Tembi Cultural House. Place retain documentation as well as providing information about the history and culture of Java those located in Bantul Yogyakarta, is a great place to shoot, especially with the concept of Javanese culture. Here there is an interesting spot spot in terms of buildings, ranging from cottage to cottage architecture Java property that served in the room. For example, there are tools batik clotch till weaving equipment, and also gamelan and Javanese music instrument that would make the cultural nuances in your prewedding.


Fits with the concept of culture
Prewedding location close to the location in Jogja
Permit cost

Rp 450.000 (include 4 pax for eat)

IMG 8387 : Best Indoor Prewedding Locations In Yogyakarta


IMG 2389 : Best Indoor Prewedding Locations In Yogyakarta


The restaurant located in the south of Yogyakarta city, has just like home Javanese architecture, rather joglo, traditional houses Yogyakarta. The uniqueness of this place if used prewedding is there are cars antique cars and antique motor that has been in reparations to be nice and like new, and that is the background of the photo prewedding us, if we are a hobby or even just like antique cars, and want to make a property in our prewedding photo, eat omah Djowo be the best option. For themes and concepts that will be on the stretcher later, can use the concept of formal or casual, depending on the pose and the angel of the photo to make it look romantic and dramatic in your prewedding photo.


Close to downtown jogja
There are places to eat
The Licensing Fees

Rp. 500,000 (include eating and drinking)


Restaurant located in the hills of Hamlet Sumberwatu, Yogyakarta Sleman Sambirejo Village is one of the destinations residents outside Yogyakarta city, because of the nuances of romance offered by this place, makes many couples want to capture their prewedding in this place. Jogja city views from the top of the hill, and the background of the volcano if the weather is sunny, and Prambanan displayed clearly on this hill, this place offers a variety of angles romantic spots, ranging from landscapes, as well as the architecture of the modern hotel and restaurant. Besides, this place offers food and drinks at the restaurant.


Spacious place with a spot that many
There eat & drink
Near the town jogja

Licensing costs expensive
Licensing fees

Rp 1.000.000 / 2 hours (include food & beverages)

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