• 14Jan

Vanilla Twilight with Chic Style in Your Big Day

Download : Vanilla Twilight with Chic Style in Your Big Day


If you looking for a simple yet elegant theme for you wedding day, Christopher and Anastasia definitely can be the inspiration. Their concept from the wedding invitation, customs, holy matrimony, reception, and souvenir are lovely and adorable.


Floral inspiration with pastel color can be an option. From the wedding invitation, they choose floral, minimalist but stylishly written and gold letter’s touch. Not forget to mention the patterned envelope liners and cool gold stamp seals give the invitation added personally. There’s no doubt that the design make everybody who received it falls in love and happy.


For the holy matrimony and reception Anastasia wears two gorgeous gowns. The simplistic design and elegant details give a breathtaking moment while watching her walked down the aisle. Combination of veil, broken white lace, bridal satin and hand-placed appliques makes the gowns sophisticated. The flowing hair style also works well for her to switch up her look from ceremony to reception. While her bride maids wear the baby blue lace sleeveless long dress look stunning with the fresh flowers bouquet and baby’s breath flower applied in their hair.


Christopher looks dazzling and stand out wearing classic dark gray tailored suit with bright gray tie and a beautiful boutonniere on holy matrimony. He wears an elegant tuxedo for the reception that gives stylish, fashionable and timeless look.

Both their holy matrimony and reception are well decorated with the shabby chic style that is a romantic, vintage, soft, heartwarming, and filled with delicate flowers and natural warm color. The confetti at the end of the reception gives the perfect ending on the party and the photo frames as souvenir makes the chic style idea incomplete.


To sum up, chic style is truly one of a kind. Your wedding will definitely have the right mood and give unforgettable sweet memories.